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Taranto de la B, is one of our available chestnut coat Andalusian horses for sale, and among its qualities stands out his kindness, his beauty and his nobility.

YEGUADA la B is specialized in breeding Andalusian horses for sale.

With all our Andalusian horses for sale we do a thorough and constant monitoring, both sanitary and radiological. Hence, all our Andalusian horses for sale are perfectly healthy.

Our Andalusian horses for sale are bred in freedom until they are 3 years old. Thus strengthening all their tendons and muscles.

Taranto de la B, is one of the Andalusian horses for sale he is docile and easy to handle.

Taranto de la B
CategoryAndalusian horses for saleBirthday29-02-2020RaceSpanish purebred horsesGenderMaleLayerChestnutDressageRiddedReproductiveYesHeight1,67 mPriceConsultFamily TreeView TreeShare